"... being able to just slap a toaster on the wall
is seemingly its biggest selling point."
- Gizmodo

Additional Information

The leadtime for all Magic Wall products is usually 20 working days maximum.

1. Frequently asked questions

2. Notes for safe use

3. Further details


How does a Magic Wall work?

The inside of a Magic Wall is armed with hidden magnets, so all ferreous objects of daily use stick to it. 

What sticks to a Magic Wall?

On a Magic Wall all objets stick well which contain enough magnatisable material like iron, nickel, cobalt.

Allmost every cooking pot or pan that can be used on an induction cooker goes well with a Magic Wall. Also knives, enamel, iron cast,tins, boxes, keyrings, workshop tools,....

All Magic Tools are specially designed to fit to a Magic Wall.

How long lasts the magnetic power of a Magic Wall?

We are using very strong permanent magnets with an attractive force that lasts at least a hounderd years. 

These magnets loose their attractive force when they get heated over 80°C(176°F) which should not happen if it´s normaly used in a household.

Magic Wall shouldn´t be used behind the stove, because their temperatures can rise above 80°C (176°F)  

Is such a lot of magnetic power dangerous?


What kind of objects should stay in a safety distance to the Magic Wall?

The relevant attractive force of a Magic Wall envolves just a few centimeters infront of the surface. Magnetic cards and mechanical watches should keep a safety distance of 8cm. 

Is a Magic Wall dangerous for people who carry a cardiac stimulator?

Magic Wall works with permanent magnets with an intensity that does not affect people who carry a cardiac stimulator. 

How is a Magic Wall fixed to the wall?

Every Magic Wall is delivered with all necessary fitting accessories including a drill tempalte. All you need is a drilling machine with a 12mm drill (for Magic Wall Terrazzo) or a 10mm drill (for all other materials) and a wall ready to carry a Magic Wall. 

Can I fix a Magic Wall on a dry wall?

Yes you can. Please order one of the special mounting sets for dry walls. (You will find assembling aid under the menu Magic Tools)

More questions ?
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Notes for safe use

a. Avoid getting your fingers or skin between an object and the Magic Wall when sticking it on. The attractive force is that strong, that it can cause contusions and bruises when you are jamming.

b. The Magic Wall could affect the functioning of a pacemaker or an implanted heart defibrillator. A pacemaker can switch into the test mode and cause illness and a defibrillator can stop working. Keeping a distance of 11cm should not affect these instruments at all. 

c. The magnetic field of Magic Wall can do harm to objects like magnetic cards (credit-,parking-,cashmaschinecards), mechanical watches, hearing aids, disc drives. Please keep the following safety distances.: 

Magnetic cards: 6cm

Hearing aids: 3cm

Mechanical watches (new-ISO 764): 4 cm

Mechanical watches (old): 23cm

Disc Drives & TV sets: 10cm

Pacemakers (new): 8cm

Pacemakers (old): 11cm

USB-sticks, solid state drives, DVD, carkeys are not affected by a Magic Wall.

d. The magnets used inside the Magic Wall loose their attractive force when they are heated over 80°C - 176°F. Only beside the stove these temperatures can occur in a normal household and Magic Wall must not be fixed there. 

e. From the scientific point of view magnetic fields of permanent magnets don´t have an effect to people. 


Due to the fact that a major material of the Magic Wall is the rare earth Neodymium, which is traded on the global markets, spontaneous price jumps - up and down - can happen and will be passed to our costumers.