"... being able to just slap a toaster on the wall
is seemingly its biggest selling point."
- Gizmodo

"...Magic Wall has the potential to change the way we use our homes." 
Dara Flynn from The Sunday Times 

Magic Wall makes the wall a dynamic space for storage and presentation. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, foyers etc. Magic Wall is offered in a standard assortment of six sizes, which combine together well. Upright aswell, as landscape. We offer three different material choices: Laminate, Wood, Terrazzo.


Magic Wall Laminate consists of a plastic veneer produced under high pressure. Magic Wall Laminate has a high resistant surface making it perfect for intensive use. 


The surface of the Magic Wall Wood consists of high quality wood. With the utmost care the most beautiful woods are selected  and worked by hand. Magic Wall Wood brings to every room a practical warmth. Make your choice from the following woods: acacia, walnut and oak.


Magic Wall Terrazzo is a new interpretation of a traditional and ancient material originating from several thousand years ago. Over several labour-intensive production stages the liquid Terrazzo compound is aggregated by hand with extraordinarily strong magnets to form a Magic Wall. At our Vienna based premises we produce Terrazzo by mixing Dolomite sand together with quartz crystal and pure precious colour pigments.